Dead Heat

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs
This is one of my least favorite of the Alpha and Omega series so far (in the Mercy Thompson World/Universe). Anna's birthday is coming up, so Charles plans to get her a surprise. It turns out Charles is old friends with Joseph who just happens to own an Arabian horse farm. Off to Arizona they go- for pleasure and not a job. But, you know it's Charles, so of course something has to happen!
There is a powerful fae loose who is preying on children. Charles and Anna step-up to find the culprit along with Leslie (FBI agent from previous book) and 2 new Cantrip agents (who actually weren't all that bad). 
I get that Charles is 200+ years old. Yes, he has a history. But my issue with this book was, he DIDN'T TELL ANNA ANYTHING! This is what Charles said when he talked about Maggie: "We dated once upon a time," he told her somberly. "Though 'dating' is too formal a word for it. Flirting is better, but too lighthearted." Yeah, I got that they were in LOVE and she picked Joseph for Reasons. But he never forgot her and she him. Whatever dude. You. Had. A. Relationship. And didn't see fit to tell Anna about any of it. No heads up, nothing. 
As for other female characters, I did like Chelsea and Mackie. (Although Mackie is 5). For the most part I do like Anna and I think she's grown so much over the course of the series. What I didn't like (and this is coming from someone who doesn't have kids and NEVER wanted them, so I might not be the best judge here) what her persistence in getting Charles to say yes to kids. I was annoyed that his "no" wasn't treated as a no, but rather something she could change if she pressed hard enough.
So, while I still like this series, I think I'm falling out of love a little bit.