Temporal Shift

Temporal Shift - Nina Croft

This picks right up where book 3 (Death Defying) left off with the Blood Hunter going into the black hole to escape their pursuers.  They find another world, an alternate/parallel universe. However, things aren't as they seem,

Saffira has spent her life being told she is the one who will save her people.  She is a "time-mancer."  She also happens to be the strongest "time-mancer" and can see the past/future.  She is very sheltered and naive.  I found her annoying.

Devlin (met him in previous book) is the leader of the rebellion.  He is hell bent on revenge for the murder of his brother.  I thought he was an asshole for most of the book and when he came around, it was too late for me.

I was disappointed in this one.  What was a good sci-fi romance got boggled down with the time travel element.  I would have liked more on the world they landed on.  Then, there's the "Old Ones."  I didn't like how they only "changed" the men.  Women need not apply.  Sexist much?

Not sure if I will read the next.