Skies of Fire

Skies of Fire - Zoe Archer

Louisa and Christopher were lovers and friends.  Until Christopher asked a question that out Louisa on the spot.  So, instead of talking it out, she took the cowardly way out and left without a word.  Fast forward 3 years.

Louisa is a spy.  And is pretty fucking good at it too.  She also makes bombs.  Christopher became what is called a "Man O' War."  He received an implant that made him faster, stronger.  He is the captain of an airship that gets stuck behind enemy lines. 

I liked how they meet again.  Even though Louise was in a position that she needed rescuing, it wasn't because she was stupid or a woman.  She was intelligent, confident, and able to admit she was cowardly and made a mistake 3 years ago.  And Christopher has the confidence to admit when Louisa does something better then him and to be able to forgive.  

I would be liked a little more.  I thought the end was a little rushed.