Shield of Winter

Shield of Winter (A Psy/Changeling Novel) - Nalini Singh

While this book is about Ivy and Vasic, it is also about the aftermath of Silence.  There are repercussions from Silence's fall and people are dying.  There was a big learning about regarding the empaths and what they can do.

I did enjoy reading about the Arrows and how they are choosing their jobs and what they do (and I'm excited for Aden's book).  This is a Psy-Psy pairing (as is the next book) and there are some Changeling bits in this one, but not much.  Overall this is much more serious in tone.  The sexy-times are fairly tame from previous books too.

I did take a little bit of time to get invested in this one, but once I did, it was hard to put down.  There is still a threat from Ming that (I assume) will be dealt with in a later book.  I did think the ending was a little rushed (with regard to Ivy's solution regarding the Infected).

Each empath can "link" with a certain # pending on their gradient, creating a "Honeycomb."

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