Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat - Kate Meader

Lili's love is photography, but her father disapproves.  She works as the manager for her family's restaurant.  Jack is a chef/TV personality who had a bad breakup and has a bit of a reputation.  Lili's older sister, Cara, is his producer.  He has a new show in the works.

While I liked both Jack and Lili, each had their own Issues that I found annoying after awhile.  There was too much back and forth; just get over yourselves already!  The reminded (geez, my feeble brain might forget!) too many times of Lili's generous curves and love of food.  Lili, while likable, was too much of a doormat for her father/family. 

The last couple of chapters were excellent, but it was too little too late for me.

Lili's sister Cara's book is next and I'm not going to read it.  Maybe if I had liked this more, but I simply didn't like Cara.  In this book, she comes across as shallow and self absorbed.  Not impressed and no desire what so ever to read her story.