For the Love of Pete

For the Love of Pete - Julia Harper

This this fun, but not quite as good as Hot. In Hot, we met Dante Torelli. Dante is sent to flush out and find the FBI agent who is taking bribes on the side and leaking confidential information. Dante ends up being late to his assignment guarding Nikki, Ricky, and Pete, gets into an argument with Zoey over a parking spot, and witnesses Pete's kidnapping. Zoey, not to be left behind, gets in Dante's car and off they go to follow Neil. (Zoey's sister's (Nikki) boyfriend (Ricky) happens to be the one in protective custody. He is due to testify in court and bring down Tony the Rose, mob boss. Nikki and Ricky's daughter Petronella Spicy Hernandez (AKA Pete) is the one who is kidnapped).
This has several stories going on. Neil, the kidnapper, brings his own son to a job and ends up osing both Pete and Jr. Two Indian women, Partima and Savita-di, steal back their saffron from Neil. Only thing is, there are 2 babies in the car! Dante's been framed, shot at, is being followed, and has to figure out why the 2 Indian women would take Pete. See- lots going on!
I did like this, but felt too much was going on. I thought while this had humor and there were several funny moments, there were other times it fell flat for me. More than a 3, but definitely not a 4*.