Chaos Station

Chaos Station - Jenn Burke, Kelly Jensen

War has been over for about 6 months. Felix (AKA Fix) is part owner of a ship that takes jobs. He is the mechanic and can fix anything. He was also a POW and declared dead. Zander (aka Zed) was "let go" by the military after the end of the war. He is at a crossroads and doesn't know what to do with his life; also in part d/t an experiment to make him a super soldier. Felix and Zander have known each other since they were kids, having gown up together and gone to academy together. Best friends, former lovers. Zander though Felix was dead.
This was a sweet 2nd chance story with good action and world building. The secondary characters are intriguing too- Qek, Nessa, and Elias. I would have liked more information on the Stin, that maybe forthcoming in a future installment. I'm betting the experimentation that Zed was exposed to will play into future books since they are only learning about the short term effects (and long term are completely unknown).