Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha
Mixed feeling about this one. On one hand, I did like it, it kept me engrossed, but on the other hand there were many things that bothered and annoyed me.
So, Eden it this place that "has it all," depending on your definition of "all." The sectors are wild, lawless. If you live in a commune, you are an indentured servant making someone else money. Regardless of where one lives, sorry if you happen to be female! Eden= subservient homemaker there to make you husband's life better. The sectors= prostitute, stripper. The commune= baby marker.
Noelle happens to really like sex and drinking. She gets kicked out of Eden. Jasper, of the O'Kane gang, rescues her. Her dad happens to be a councilman. I got so tired (so tired!) of reading about how "bad" she was. Oh please. Jasper was okay. This was more Noelle's story. I didn't really know Jasper by the end of this. I did like the difference POVs; Lex, Dallas, Six, Bren, and Rachel are interesting characters. The sex scenes were hot. I thought some of the scenes were there purely for shock value. 
Surprisingly, I was interested in the world, but found the world building severely lacking (what did I expect in an erotica?). There is no explanation of the "Flare" that started(?) this whole mess. Fertility is also an issue- why? It's convenient in an erotica to not have to worry about contraception. Or STDs. For a sci-fi dystopian, this didn't turn over any new leaves. Men are still better because they are physically stronger. Which is everything. Women are still reliant on men for their well being. I might as well have been reading a historical. 
I did (for the most part) like the characters. But, for the reasons listed above, I'm not reading more of this. It'll just piss me off.