A Magical Match

A Magical Match - Juliet Blackwell

This took me so long to get into. There is so much going on. I found myself picking this up and putting back down (rinse and repeat) until (finally) about halfway through when it picked up.
Lily is planning her wedding and a party, Sailor gets arrested for murder, there's a doppelganger out there, her magical abilities take a vacation, mom issues, dad issues, an evil cupcake lady, and her grandmother's coven coming to visit.
A plus: we get to meet Graciela and Lily's mom (I forget her name- did she have a name?)
I'm not sure I "get" Lily's relationship with Sailor. And surprise- they're getting married but haven't talked about where they are going to live, kids, etc. Seriously. Sailor as a character is so unknown- to both Lily and the reader (how fun! Not.). If Lily was going to end up with someone, my choice for her would have been Aiden (but there are Issues there too).

We learn that Lily has been to Germany to find her father. It turns out, Aiden was his student. Dearest father has been trying to summon demon(s). That act requires the 3 of them to combine their powers to defeat the demon. Aiden is left with scars (he uses a glamour to hide). Lily with amnesia of her trip. It also appears Lily has a 1/2 sibling.

(show spoiler)