Something Secret This Way Comes

Something Secret This Way Comes (Secret McQueen, #1) - Sierra Dean

This series had a great prequel that spiked my interest. However, the first book was average for me. While I liked the writing, there were a few things that were predictable and annoying. 
Secret dislikes of her werewolf half. She thinks of werewolves as "animals." Vampires are "primarily human in their behavior." So, when it turns out she is "soul-bonded" (yes, it's everyone's *favorite* trope/plot device: the love triangle!!) to 2 werewolves, I thought she accepted it too easily. (Rolls eyes). And Lucas is the Alpha of the East Coast pack with Desmond being his second. And Lucas is a billionaire. 
Secret was also a born wolf. "A born wolf is a thing of legend among our people." She's also born royalty. 
I didn't appreciate the cliffhanger ending. Nice development with Secret's mother Mercy. 
In short, Secret is Super Special! The prequel was much better. This was average, not-so unique, and ho-hum.