Night Broken

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

So, Christy, Adam's ex-wife has a stalker. This stalker also happens to be of the supernatural variety and has killed. Let it also be noted that Christy 

knew it wasn't human and the bitch didn't share that information. 

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On top of that, Mercy has to find Coyote and ask for the walking stick back. The fae it belongs to wants it back.
I admit I was putting off reading this one because of the Christy story-line. I was frustrated that Christy got so much love and support from the Pack. That she abandoned. Since "werewolves can tell when people are lying," I didn't expect Christy to have so much power. She is a master of persuasion and manipulation. (Are we sure she's human? 'Cause the bitch is good).
But then, finally, the story was much less about Christy and about so much more. We learn more about Mercy's bond with Stefan, the pack bonds, Tad. There were moments that showed Mercy has the love and support of the pack. Honey stepped up when it counted. So did Auriele and Mary Jo.
I hope Gary Laughingdog sticks around. Zach too (a new submissive wolf that drifts from pack to pack).
The set-up is on for more possible conflicts with the fae and vampires.

And the walking stick is back; it appears again to save Mercy from a fall at the end.

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