Forged in Desire

Forged in Desire (The Protectors) - Brenda Jackson

Margo was part of the jury on a trial that lasted 6 weeks. She was sequestered with her follow jurors and found the defendant (Erickson- a mob boss) guilty. Erickson decides to murder everyone in the courtroom that day and has many people on the inside that allow him to start to follow through.
Lamar AKA Striker is an ex-con turned bodyguard (or "Protector" as the book call them). After 3 people are murdered, Frazier, Margo's uncle hires Lamar. 
The being was hard for me. I thought Margo behaved immaturely in regards to having to alter her schedule/lifestyle changed. Hello, there's killer on the loose! I also through Striker could have been a little more empathetic to Margo. Striker also withheld some details (an example being that Margo's bedroom AND bathroom were bugged). Once it get going it get better.
There's also a side story about Margo's ex Scott and one of his friends. Margo finds out she has an additional family member (I liked how she picked up on it and was very accepting of it). Frazier's ex has it out for Margo. Margo learns more about her parents death, so there was A LOT of other stuff going on too.