The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire

The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire - Molly Harper

It's Iris's little sister Gigi's story. Gigi (AKA Gladiola) has this awesome kiss one night and the guy disappeared. In the meantime, she can't forget it (because OF COURSE!). She gets a summer internship working for the vampire council. Then he shows up again our of nowhere and attacks her.
Gigi figures something supernatural must be going on and it's up to her to figure it out. Of course Iris and Cal hate that she's working for the council and is in serious "like" with Nik. The best thing about this book was the crew- Iris, Cal, Jane, Gabriel, Dick, Andrea, Nola....and yes Gigi. She's a smart ass, strong, and I loved that she was into coding (and good at it).
Even though I enjoyed this, I think the was the weakest of the books thus far. I thought the history of the Renart's was glossed over. The next should be interesting with the issues that surround Ophelia and her change in circumstance (and the council's).