Adam (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) (Volume 6) - Eve Langlais

I'm glad to say I was right and Adam's book picks right up where Seth's book left off.  Adam is the leader of the cyborg resistance on earth.  He has infiltrated a military installation where nanotechnology is being tested and it is suspected a cyborg is being held prisoner.  At the start of the book, his job is providing guard duty to Laura, a human scientist working on the nanotechnology.  Laura is tasked with trying to find a way to re-animate the nanos when they die.

This had a little bit of a slow start.  Once Seth, Anastasia, and Avion arrive, it picked up.  There was more to Laura then met the eye and she was a good match for Adam.  There is an event that happens to Laura when she is given live nanos to work with. 

I assume from One who is the source of all the nanos.  Laura will probably prove the nanos don't need a BCI to work and enhance the human body all by themselves.

(show spoiler)

  While Adam and Laura get the HEA, the underlying story-line ends in a cliffhanger. 

What is going on?  Who is One and what can she do?  Will Avion be cured?  (This being a romance book you can bet your ass that will be a resounding YES).