Part Time Cowboy

Part Time Cowboy - Maisey Yates

Sadie's teenage-self was a bit of a wild child. She got arrested (not charged) at 17. She left her small town as soon as she could. Now an adult, she's moved around. A lot. She's decided she needs to put down roots and stay in one spot. Back to her small town she goes, signing a 5 yr lease and planning on opening a B&B. 
Eli's family happens to own both the B&B and land. Eli is a full time deputy (running for sheriff) and part time rancher. He also happens to be the one who arrested wild child Sadie at 17.
I did not like Eli. I thought he threw Sadie's arrest in her face one too many times. Judgmental asshole. I also thought he was controlling and unwilling to change. Sadie was a little better, but I thought she was a little too "all over the place." Maybe flighty is a better word.