Indigo - Beverly Jenkins

As someone who enjoys historical romance, the majority of the books are set in England with titled people meeting and falling in love. As a Lover of Romance (LOR) if I want to read a different setting, time period, etc, I have to look for it. So when a Buddy Read was announced, this was the perfect time to pick this one up.
Hester (or as Galen calls her, Indigo) was born a slave. She was found and freed by her aunt. She sees love as a weakness and something to be avoided because her father gave up his freedom to marry her mother who was a slave. Slavery killed him and separated her from her mother. However, her mother at the foresight to cut off part of her pinky so someone could identify her. Her feet and hands are indigo from working on an indigo plantation.
Her aunt was an active participant with the Underground Railroad and Hester continues her work. That's how she meets Galen. I understood her resistance to him at first, but he proved to be serious and eventually earned her trust. If memory serves, he also professed his love first too. I didn't like the circumstances of their marriage. 

After proposing more than once and Hester telling him no each time, he publicly proposed in church and forced Hester's hand. 

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Someone in their community is a traitor. After learning who it was, I liked that it wasn't straight up "this person is bad!" There were (realistic) reasons for their actions, with both the opportunity to make it right and have forgiveness. 
Both Hester and Galen are relate-able, strong, empathetic and I loved reading their story. The time-period and background is one I haven't found in historical romance. I also learned some things (the Free Produce Movement). 
I would like books for Raymond & Gail
One thing that took me out of the book was being consistently reminded of Hester's innocence/virginity. "virgin's curiosity" & "virgin's body." I. Get. It.