Duke of Midnight

Duke of Midnight - Elizabeth Hoyt
I thought Artemis was such a kick-ass heroine. She does what she can for her brother and later Maximus. I thought Maximus started out just okay. It took most of the book for him to get his head out of his ass. Did get answers about Maximus's parents murder that he blames himself for. 
He was a spoiled brat whose 14 yr old self threw a hissy fit. They were in St Giles looking for him when they were killed.
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I am interested in Apollo and am interested in finding out what happened the night he was drunk (and 3 of his friends bloody bodies were found next to him). Does he clear his name? I also really want to read Phoebe's story (I think her book is after Apollo's....).
Asa made a brief appearance at the end. He appears to be friends with Apollo.