Nightfall - Robyn Bachar
Talena is a freed Cy'ren who runs her own shop on a tourist (space) ship. Enter Mordackai (or Dack) who is also a Cy'ren and is injured and running from trouble. Talena helps him and Dack, thinking she is a slave, rescues her and takes her to his ship. It turns out Dack is part of the resistance to freed the Cy'ren from slavery. Add in Talena and Carmen's history and this was interesting.
This would have been a 4* read for me (except for 1 thing that just pissed me off and I HATED). Talena, Dack, and Carmen are likable and I like what they are trying to do. I liked the writing and the plot (well most of it). I thought the love triangle was done very well (this is a F-F-M menage BTW).
This is what ruined this book for me: All Cy'ren woman go through a "phase." The best way to describe it is like a female cat in heat. They want to have sex with anyone and everyone, no matter if it's someone they hate (or like). And the men are turned into sex crazed monsters by the scent. "Most males would take a female in a phase without hesitation...." This is rape. Plain and simple.
It's sad because this didn't add anything and it took away from what was a good book. This would have been such a better book without it IMO. I thought the character development was there and the sex scenes would have been glorious for that reason (and that reason alone- without the "phase" bullshit).
Oh and this: The cover is totally wrong. The Cy'ren are purple.