Once Bitten, Twice Burned

Once Bitten, Twice Burned - Cynthia Eden
It's been awhile since I've read book 1, but this read like it was taking place (at least the first 1/2) at the same time as book 1. The Genesis facility is a paranormal research facility in a world that the paranormals are "out." The ethical issue is no one is there voluntarily.
Sabine is a phoenix. She was abandoned as a baby and adopted by a human family. She has no knowledge of what she is. Ryder is the first vampire and has the most power.
I was disappointed in Sabine. She started out as a very naive character and I didn't feel like she grew all the much over the course of the book. Anytime she didn't want to do something she asked Ryder to do it. As with Ryder, he was a little too alpha and blood thirsty for my taste. I also didn't really feel the romance, it was more I *have* to have your blood and *please protect me!* 
I hated what Sabine asked Ryder to do to her brother. Nice twist with a family member knowing what Sabine was (and not telling her of course!).
On fence about book 3.