Moon Awakening

Moon Awakening - Lucy Monroe

Scottish werewolves in kilts! Eh, maybe I would have liked this better had I read this when it was first published (2007). I was a different reader then and my tolerance for bullshit was better(?) or worse(?) then now. This has kidnapping (check), forced marriage (check), lavender eyes (check), and alpha males (check). I surprised Cait and Emily didn't have have to ask permission to go take a shit. Oh wait, they probably did. I despise men like this in real life and on the page.
But, this did fulfill some challenge requirements so I stuck with it.
Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo: the Kilts square

For Booklikes-opoply: rolled a 6: #4 Read a book published in May, June, July or a article of clothing/accessory on cover (take your pick- kilt, sword, belt, boots, etc).

$3 and passed Go for $5= $44 bank