The Trouble with Paradise

The Trouble With Paradise - Jill Shalvis

Dorie has a degree in fashion, works full-time at the Shop-Mart (think Wal-Mart), and has an evil boss. So, when she wins a cruise to the South Pacific, she takes it. Things happen.
So, this has several funny moments and several eye-roll moments. I couldn't believe Dorie was so clumsy. I did like the interaction with the other women- Brandy and Cadence. The romance was so-so. I admit I didn't "get" Christian's (and Andy's) attraction to Dorie. But, this was still (overall) a fun (beach) read.
For Ripped Bodice Bingo: a beach on the cover

For Booklikes-opoly- rolled a 4 to #13- beachey items on cover  $3

Bank $47