Wrong to Need You

Wrong to Need You: Forbidden Hearts - Alisha Rai

This was another great entry in this series. I liked Livvy and Nicholas's appearance in this one. It was nice to see where they were in their relationship. But, on to the main couple in this one- Sadia and Jackson. They were BFFs growing up. Jackson has always been in love with Sadia, but Sadia fell for his brother Paul instead. Things happened and Jackson left and had no contact with Sadia (on his part) for 10 years. He is home now for Livvy.
I really loved this book. Sadia is so complex. I really enjoyed her development throughout the book. Her relationships with her sisters, her parents, her in-laws, Livvy, and yes- Jackson are very layered and full of emotion. I got to know Jackson as well- maybe a little less then Sadia.
And we finally learned who burned down the store and future plans.

Paul. He wrote a letter and confessed to John. Livvy and Nicolas are engaged with a quick wedding planned. Tani sits down to dinner with John. Sadia and Jackson will be getting married at some point too- after Livvy and Nicholas and with Sadia's family present.

(show spoiler)

I liked the hints at the next (and last) book- Eve and Gabe.
Ripped Bodice Bingo- wine & spirits- Sadia is an excellent bartender to Jackson's chef.

Booklikes-opoly: rolled a 7 to #28- romance/chick-lit.  $4 for bank of $58