Rock Redemption

Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss) (Volume 3) - Nalini Singh

I'm not always a fan of second chance romances (and this one kinda is). Kit is best friends with Noah (and she loves him and he her). Noah, believing himself to be not worthy, orchestrates a betrayal (of sorts). He had something happen during his childhood that causes him to self medicate with women. Lots of them.
Noah was

sexually abused as a child and his parents opted to ignore it and send him away to boarding school.

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Instead of seeking out counseling, talking about it, he bottles it in- until it can't be dealt with in his usual way. I wanted more from him sooner then it came. He does eventually redeem himself, but it was pretty much towards the end of the book. I thought his treatment of Kit was super shitty. While I didn't like he was sleeping with other women, it technically wasn't cheating since they weren't a couple.
I was still in the story. NS can write!
Angst- check. Secret- check.
Ripped Bodice Bingo: Show Business square