Fire on the Ice

Fire on the Ice: Snow & Ice Games - Tamsen Parker
Blaze is a short track speed skater, Maisy is a figure skater. Every 4 years (I assume) the Snow and Ice Games (SIG) happen. 4 years ago at the last SIG, Blaze and Maisy had a red hot affair. Both are down for the same at this event.
There were some things I liked; the figure skating and speed skating and the last couple of chapters. 
Blaze was a unique character (she's bisexual, polygamous (and very open with who she is) which is something not really seen in romance- it did take some getting used to). Maisy on the other hand was more of a wallflower and didn't want to be. I wanted her to stand up to her parents/coach and do what she wanted. 
What I didn't: the first 3/4 of the book was sex and sex and more sex. There was no plot, no character development.
1st part: 1*
2nd part: 3*
Average: 2*
Ripped Bodice Bingo: F-F contemporary