A Bollywood Affair

A Bollywood Affair - Sonali Dev

Mili and Virat were married. Mili just happened to be 4 and Virat was 12. Virat's mom takes him and his brother Samir away to the city to live to escape their grandfather (you guessed right- he is an abusive asshole!). Virat and family go on with their lives, believing the marriage null and void. On the other hand, Mili and her grandmother continue to wait for Virat to acknowledge they exist.
Mili's main goal in live is to be a good, loving, and the best ever wife. I thought she was in love with being in love. How can you love someone you met when you were 4 (once) and never, ever saw them again? Yeah, no. While I admired Mili (going to the US for a couple of semesters), I was also frustrated with her. I thought she was a little too nice and trusting at times. The clumsy heroine trope was well satisfied too. I mean if she tripped/fell one more time my eyes would have been stuck in the back of my head.
Now Samir. Virat's 1/2 brother. I hated him. Now, in my books, I don't have to love the hero at first. It's okay if I dislike/hate at first because as the story goes on, I usually grow to at least like them. Samir was a disappointment because I didn't like him by the end of this book. Samir was the type of guy who dated and dated a lot. Women were purely things that he put his dick in. How dare the person you are having sex with confess FEELINGS for you! The nerve! Without knowing Mili she is a "sick bitch," and a "gold digging opportunist." Then of course they meet, he has doubts, realizes he was a fucking asshole (I wish) etc. I didn't like that he wasn't truthful to her before they were intimate.
I thought the end of the book was rushed. I did like Samir's family. I liked Virat, his wife Rima, and his mom. I liked the secondary story involving Sara.
I did enjoy this book (kind of) and would another one by author to see if all her heroines/hero are similar.
Ripped Bodice Bingo- takes place in multiple countries (would also work for road trip)