Driving Her Crazy

Driving Her Crazy - Kira Archer
Cherice set the wrong time on her clock and is late to the airport for her flight to her sister's wedding. Making it more of a problem is her mom is a bitch and thinks Cher is a failure. Then her flight is cancelled due to the weather (it wouldn't have made a difference anyway since the doors were closed). It turns out Oz is in the same position. He has an interview in New York for his dream job. He gets the last rental car and since he is a nice guy, offers to share said car with Cher since they both are going to NYC.
I ended up giving this a 3 which is my average rating. There were several things that aggravated me (both Oz and Cher are judgmental as hell and make quick assumptions, Cher has NO backbone when it comes to her mom/family). But, at the end things worked out- if a little to quickly. I would have liked to read more about Cher taking ownership of her life and standing up to her mother. I did like the epilogue but would have liked to know how much time has passed (a year? 2 years?). 
Ripped Bodice Bingo: roadtrip