The Star King

The Star King - Susan Grant
I liked the writing and it keep me engaged and interested. However, I did have Issues with this one. It was disappointing that a sci-fi romance couldn't be better in the roles given to women. The world Rom (Romlijhian) B'kah inhibits limits women's participation. It's sons that matter, inherit, sit on councils, lead. The daughters? Well, their job is to become wives and mothers or a prostitute (excuse me- "pleasure server"). It doesn't (typically) bother me in a historical romance. But in a contemporary or sci-fi/futuristic? I expect more. I don't expect regression in women's rights or their rightful equal place in society. The Patriarchy was alive and well.
This had the tired tropes of:
1. An adult woman (in this case, a divorced woman in her 40s with 2 adult children) never having had good sex and lack of experience. *rolls eyes*
2. Jas has to be rescued not once, but twice. And each rescue furthers Rom's story and his "destiny."
This next book features Jas's son Ian and a B'kah royal (and a trope I *do* really like (usually)-mistaken identity) and I happen to have (freebie at one time); so I might read it. 
Ripped Bodice Bingo- Royalty square