Charmed and Dangerous

Charmed and Dangerous: An Appalachian Magic Novel (Appalachian Magic Series Book 1) - Debbie Herbert

Callie is a witch with an evil father. Her mom sends her away to live with other family. She comes back home months before her 20th birthday. She is supposed to come into "great" powers when she turns 20. James is an immortal who was "born" into his immortality in 1865 after he was killed. No explanation (his father and brothers died in the war, his mom also died before the war's end and they weren't reborn as immortals- so must not be genetic). He and Callie are drawn to each other (because of course they are).
This was way too insta-love for me. Callie told James she loved him in chapter 5. I did like the writing, but this was way too YA for me (IMO, it read very YA). Callie and friends are attending a local junior college before transferring to a larger university. I swear they were in high school- lockers, lunch hour with awful cafeteria food, announcements overhead on the PA, etc
I did like the last 1/3 or so; the pace picked up and the ending was decent. It was too little too late for me; not interested in reading Skye's book.
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