Ice Planet Barbarians

Ice Planet Barbarians: The Complete Series: A SciFi Alien Serial Romance - Ruby Dixon

Georgie is kidnapped by aliens as she is sleeping. She befriends a bunch of other women on the ship in the same situation as she. Then the ship crash lands on an ice planet, stranding them. Vektal is blue, has a tail, and has ridges over his body (and of course in the "right" places, haha). He and his brethren have taken in a parasite (for lack of a better word) to ensure their survival. Without it and the modifications it makes, one would die within about a week.
Interesting and I liked the writing. There is a rape scene, but it was short and was not gratuitous (IMO). Not crazy about the whole mating thing/unilateral decision making though. The language issue was easily solved. Probably won't read the rest.
Booklikes Halloween Bingo- using one of my Transfiguration Spells to change Serial/Spree Killer square to the Aliens square.