Real Men Howl

Real Men Howl - Marina Maddix, Celia Kyle

Lucy's parents were murdered in front of her. She leaves her small town due to the memories and makes a life somewhere else. After she is falsely accused of theft, she returns to her small town where she has her parent's house. Mason is the alpha of the local werewolf pack. He is on the verge of going feral and needs to find his mate stat. (If you want to take a guess who that mate is- you would be right!).
I did like this more then I thought I would. I liked Lucy's selflessness in rescuing the little boy. I also liked that she wouldn't put up with shit from Mason. Overall, she's pretty kickass. I did like the closure she got: regarding her parents murder. I would have liked for the whole thing with her false accusation to have been resolved as well (she was jobless during the course of the book).
Who needs a job when you have a man to take care of you? Girl power! (eye roll).
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