Treasure Me

Treasure Me - Robyn DeHart
Vanessa dreams of being a scientist and is set to marry a follow scientist. One who will let her do her work and be a friend. Until she finds him with her sister. Graeme is a treasure hunter/explorer for Solomon's. He hunts antiquities and Solomon's protects them.
This had a good start and was on track to be the best book in this series. However, I thought Vanessa goals/dreams got lost. She helps Graeme on his quest to find the Stone of Destiny/Kingmaker. I liked how he accepted her and fell in love with her just as she was. But at the end I felt Vanessa pretty much gave up on her dream of being a scientist/paleontologist to just be Graeme's wife. Now, I'm not saying it's wrong to want to do that, but I felt it was a let down. I also thought the ending was a little rushed and thought The Raven's end was too easy.