The Visitor

The Visitor (Graveyard Queen) - Amanda Stevens

Another disappointing read. Better then books 3, but not on par with the first 2.
Picks up after the events of books 3. Devlin has no memory of the previous events and still (yes, still) thinks anything dealing with the supernatural is bullshit. He also has secrets and things he doesn't share with Amelia. Granted, there are things she doesn't share with him, but I felt it was for good reason (based in his dislike/disbelief in the supernatural). Frankly, I hate this paring and wish Devlin would just go. (And at the end, maybe I get my wish?)
I got tired of reading about Amelia breaking her father's rules. (Get over it already!). I did think this book showed (about a fashion) Amelia starting (baby steps) to accept her gift and learn/adapt it. I did like the Kroll cemetery mystery and this was solved (satisfactorily). This does end in a bit of a cliff hanger in terms of Amelia and Devlin.
I am on the fence about continuing. I strongly dislike Devlin and if he continues to be the love interest, I'm out. I feel there is nothing he can do to make me forgive him and like him. Amelia deserves better.

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