Shards of Hope

Shards of Hope (Psy/Changeling) - Nalini Singh

This opens with the kidnapping of Aden and Zaira. They are able to escape and find refuge with a newer changeling group. While in this group, they talk about their feelings for each other. Zaira, having had a shitty childhood and murdered her parents in self-defense, believes she has an insanity inside her. So, for much of the book there is the "I want/need you, but can't!" Aden has no such barrier and has made it known he wants her just as she is.
This book is Aden and Zaira's story, but about so much more. There is a conspiracy afoot to take advantage of the fall of Silence and undermine newly forming relationships between the Changelings, Humans, and Psy. I loved the interplay between the various groups/characters we have meet in previous books. The slowing developing trust. The reaching out and asking for help/information/sharing. Even Sascha and Nikita have a little page time. A lot of ground has been covered since the first book.  The group named the Consortium (responsible for the discord/kidnapping/murder) has given rise to the Trinity Accord (which opens the 2nd volume/series); more developments to come!
Even though I think I prefer Psy-Changeling/Changeling-Changeling pairings, this was a strong entry. I really liked Zaira and her strength. I thought she came full circle, it just took her a little longer. Aden was the perfect hero.
Even though each book has a couple, these are not stand alone and should be read in order! This series has been consistently really good and I highly recommend.

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