Game On

Game On - Tracy Solheim

Shane is a quarterback in need of a team. Carly is an assistant to the Blaze, a team that gives Shane a second chance. It seems Shane is a bit too wild in his personal life (or so the tabloids say). Carly has had her own issues with the tabloids too. Oh, and the daddy issues both if them have.
I was pleasantly surprised I liked this one as much as I did. I thought with each character's issues I would have wanted to slap them both. Carly is the more mature one. I didn't like Shane's attitude when it came to his brother. I thought he was mean. However, throw in a supportive family, friends, and a crazy stalker and it all turns out!
* next book is Julianne's (Carly's best friend) and I don't think I will be reading since it contains a trope that pisses me off (one night stand, unplanned *secret* pregnancy with no plans to tell the baby daddy). Nope!
Romanceopoly Mystery Square- sports romance with football or hockey