His Dark Kiss

His Dark Kiss - Eve Silver

Emma is a sheltered orphan who takes a job as a governess to a young boy. She is desperate to escape her aunts her plan to sell her to the highest bidder (they see her as less because she is illegitimate). Lord Anthony Craven is a doctor and also happens to be dark and broody (this is a gothic after all). It's rumored dark things happen in the tower and he is a murderer.
I really liked the gothic atmosphere, but the whole tower plot (there is death in the tower!) was so meh. A simple conversation regarding the tower and all question/conflict would have been fixed. I really, really wish there was more focus on the mystery, because that was a good plot-line. It could have been explored much more and wasn't because of the (dark) tower.
I also didn't quite get on board with the romance in this one. Emma was focused on the suspicions of possible murder, but look how attractive he is! Anthony was frustrating due to his woe-is-me attitude. Yes, you lost a patient. That's sad, but you are a doctor and shit happens. Get over it please.
First book was better.

Anthony researches diseases caused by bacteria. Since the last 2 governesses died because of curiosity regarding the tower, you'd think more info would be shared up front. But no! 

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