Enchanted Warrior

Enchanted Warrior - Sharon Ashwood

Once upon a time, Arthur and his Knights, the witches, fae fought a war against demons. One of Merlin's spells had an unfortunate cost. It took the fae's souls and left them emotionless husks and power from the witches, reducing their power. Of course this lead to them becoming enemies.
Interesting take on the popular Arthur and Knight of the Round Table. Arthur and his knights were frozen/turned to stone and are awakened in the modern age to fight again. The difference is there are no longer in England. They are in the US. Washington to be more precise.
Gawain at first was not a likable character for me. I thought he was rude, demanding. I was also annoyed at the explanation for his adjusting to the modern age (magic). I like him by the end, but it took me the whole book to get there. I did like Tamsin; she was able to defend herself and showed her strength, kindness.
Gawain whole thought process where witches = bad got old. I also thought it interesting that modern day covens had strict rules- ie need permission to travel, they arranged marriages. Men have roles and women have theirs. Tamsin would be the first "Loremaster." This was never dived into and was nothing more than a few paragraphs.