An Alaskan Christmas

An Alaskan Christmas (Wild River #1) - Jennifer Snow

Erika is a career obsessed surgeon who lives and breaths work. That's all she does, having no social life or close friends. After turning down a one way street (in the wrong direction) she is forced into a mandatory 2 week leave. She goes to Wild River the small town where she grew up and where her (former? since it's been years since she's talked to her) best friend Cassie lives and owns her own business.
My first impression of Erika was not very favorable. She comes across as judgmental and stuck-up. But, the more I read about her, the more I understood her. She's very socially awkward and her upbringing very much influenced the person she is now. Erika lost her mom when she was younger and her dad withdrew from her in his grief. In this she connects with Reed (and Cassie); their dad went to work and never came home.
I would have liked more between Cassie and Erika rebuilding their friendship. I liked the shared history that Reed, Cassie, and Erika had. As a result the romance does happen relatively quickly.  I also enjoyed the search and rescue aspect. 

Reed and Cassie's dad is an alcoholic and went on a bender and was too ashamed to come home, so he just left. I did like that the reveal of what happened with him didn't come from Erika (he was a pt at her hospital- she wouldn't have been able to disclose seeing him there) and rather from Cassie. Cassie was paying for a rehab stay.

(show spoiler)