A Snowy Little Christmas

A Snowy Little Christmas - Kate Clayborn, Fern Michaels, Tara E. Sheets

A 3 overall.
Starry Night
This was too descriptive for a novella. I could argue it would be too desciptive for a full length novel too. Either way, it took me out of the story. Not read FM before and not inclined to after reading this.
Mistletoe and Mimosas
While I liked both characters, I think the subject matter and subsequent love story would have been better in a full length novel. Layla was bullied growing up by Sebastion's friends. While he didn't participate, he also did nothing to stop or discourage the bullying. Layla was poor, Sebastion rich.
For most of the novella Layla thought about the past and limited her interactions with Sebastion, so their romance was too fast for me. I did like the writing and will be checking out more from the author.
Missing Christmas
Having known each other for years, this was a nice, believable romance. I liked the alternating points of view.