Christmas at Two Love Lane

Christmas at Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

This was a nice, sweet holiday romance. Macy is a matchmaker. Deacon is in town to help his aunt get settled. His aunt happens to be obsessed with love/marriage and wants Deacon to get married. To make his aunt happy and to buy him more time, he hires Macy to setup him up on dates with women who just want a date. He has no intention of settling down and hopes the dates with settle his aunt down.
Of course this being a romance, Deacon is intrigued by Macy and vice versa. They spend a lot of time together and I think you know what happens. I did think aunt Fran was over the top and way too obsessed with marriage. It was cute at first, but quickly got annoying (both her over the top personality and marriage obsession). Macy was a little too perfect. Not bad, but not great.