Lone Star Christmas

Lone Star Christmas - Delores Fossen
This continues my trend of Christmas stories that are okay/average/good, but not great.
Callen and his 3 brothers were put in foster care and moved into Buck's home when Callen was 14. He had a stable, loving home for the first time, so what does he do once he turns 18? He leaves his small town and didn't visit for 14 years. He had very limited contact with Buck and his brothers for 14 years. He only returns because there is something wrong with Buck (and if you were to guess, chances are you would be right). The lack of communication/visits confused me because it didn't make sense to me. Buck turned their lives around (and Callen mentions his home was a great home) and Callen's response is to essentially ignore him for 14 years?
Another thing that bothered me was Buck's secrecy regarding his news. Does he tell his wife to be (he is getting married in about 4 weeks- on Christmas- when the book starts/news arrives)- that would be a no. Does he tell his daughter? Nope. Does he tell Kace/Nico/Judd (Callen's brothers who did stick around)? Nope. He tells Callen- WHO HE HASN'T SEEN FOR 14 YEARS AND SWEARS HIM TO SECRECY. Oh and then there's a secret about Shelby's mom that he tells Callen too. That just made no sense to me/pissed me off. My family better not pull that shit with me.
I thought Callen and Shelby's relationship was more about sex and I would have liked more talking between them. The secondary characters were the bright spot for me in this one (Rosy, Havana, Mateo, Lucy). The other books in this series are about the brothers, but I don't think I'm really that interested. I did like the writing.