Nether Blue

Nether Blue - Claudy Conn

Warning- Insta-love!

Calico is hunted by a bad dude who is also a warlock who fancies himself in love with her.  Warren (the warlock) is power hungry and knows that Calico is powerful.  Of course, that is true since Calico is 1/2 Fallen (mom) and 1/2 Immortal witch (dad).

After her adopted mom dies, she flees to Ireland and a home they have there.  There is a mirror in her bedroom that happens to be a portal to another world and she meets Brodie.

I liked that she helped break Brodie out of magical jail (for a murder he didn't do), but all of a sudden she had all this power and knew what to do with it.  It helps that Brodie is hot and has a hot body, so Calico is all over that.  And vice versa.

The real murderer is uncovered, Warren is taken care of.  Calico finds out her parentage.  She and Brodie ride off into the sunset and all is well.

Another not bad, not great.