Dark Wolf Rising

Dark Wolf Rising - Stephanie Rowe

Bryn witnessed a murder and is now in protective custody. The murderer happens to be Jace, the local werewolf pack's alpha. Cash, Bryn's former best friend when she was 14 happens to be part of the pack. When he was 15 he left and Bryn had no idea if he was still alive.
It's been 13 years since either have seen the other. His pack targets Bryn for extermination. Cash steps in to save her. They are not on the run from the pack. Let's kiss and make out!
It didn't take much time at all before they are cozy and buddy-buddy again. I would have understood it if it had been a few months or even a few years, but 13?! There was an explaination for what happened to Jace and a Big Bad. The ending was a little disappointing since the BB didn't get what was going to him.

He got away.

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