A Kilted Christmas Wish

A Kilted Christmas Wish - Eliza Knight

This fell flat for me.  I didn't believe Darla and Aaron's romance.  Aaron lost his fiance approx 4 months ago.  He moved to NY for change of scenery (and he conveniently had a nice job- his dad was retiring and he is taking over).  Here is why the romance just didn't work for me: 

Aaron's fiance was in a car accident and was in a coma/vegetative state for "weeks."  Aaron wanted her kept alive.  Megan's parents wanted life support withdrawn.  After a protracted fight, her parents won and life support was removed.  This story had him falling in love and proposing within 1 month after meeting Darla.  I felt this was too soon.  If it had been a year or so, no problem.  But 4 months?  Nah.

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