A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas

A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas - Jackie Lau

This was just what I needed. Tasha and Greg started dating when they were 16 and dated for 3 years before breaking up. They were both in college- different schools and that needed to be the focus. They each both wanted to experience life. Fast forward 15 years and they are both single at 34.
I liked Greg from book 1 and wanted to read his story. This was short, but worked since you get enough information from their past relationship (Valentine's, candy bar, snow fort, necklace). The "Herbie and Ethel" moment was hilarious. Then there was the Wong family; Ah Ma and Mrs Wong (I don't think we ever learn what her name is) and their matchmaking.
I like the 'forced proximity" trope since it forces conversation (and the revelations it usually shows).
Pre-ordered Zack's story (Chinese New Year).