The War for America's Soul

The War for America's Soul - Sebastian Gorka

I got this from my Trump loving mother and she asked that I read it with an open mind. I tried my best. It may or may not be more of a rant.
Dennis Prager wrote the introduction and one of the things he said bothered me (and I also think he is wrong). And that is this: "By definition, one does not love what or whom one seeks to fundamentally transform." He uses the example of a spouse who wants to "fundamentally transform" the other as an example. I think using that as an example misses the point (and if a spouse wanted to completely change the other- that's a problem, but if they have a smoking/alcohol problem, that's another- it's not black or white). I think loving the Country and wanting it to change with the times and be better is not wrong and the opposite- it shows the love of Country.
On to the book. How do I rate this damn thing? It was easy to read. This book didn't teach me anything new, it didn't enlighten me in any way. I don't feel smarter or more educated. I did learn Gorka's favorite Star Wars movie. And Fox news is awesome. Trump is awesome. The Left is trying to "poison" us. There was no Russian "collusion." The Russia investigation was a sham to investigate the Trump campaign and get dirt. The news media is "biased" and "fake." Obama had the "...most scandal-ridden eight years of any modern presidential administration." Does he back this up? He tries to: he uses the government shutdown and subsequent National Park closures (see Obama is against the Vets!), the IRS investigations (they were job doing their jobs!), and Benghazi (again) as examples. I did agree with him regarding the Obama administration's crackdown on whistle-blowers. No one is perfect and again, I think it's appropriate to point that out. I did vote for Obama and overall I think he did a good job. Did I always agree with his policies? Was he perfect? Nope and Nope.
This is his opinion on on the Russia investigation and Mueller Report: "In the two years that followed, Mueller tried everything to get dirt on Trump, and in doing so destroyed several people's lives." I find that opinion concerning. Has he read it? If he did, I'm so confused at how one can arrive at that conclusion.
Steve Bannon is "misunderstood." The Liberals have a "culture war" against the middle class (I read it as the white middle class- full disclosure- I am white middle class). I laughed out loud at this one: "Who better to restore it (economic opportunity) than a patriotic, populist businessman who spoke the language of working people and understood their problems?" Wow. Someone who inherited his daddy's money, won't release his tax returns, and uses the Presidency for personal and family gain?
Gorka also seems to believe that socialism = communism. It certainly read that way several times in this book.
I did learn Gorka has a daughter who is a college grad (with honors- good for her!). But, he bitches during the ceremony about one of the speakers who spoke about sexism in this country. Doesn't she know how good she has it?! Why not focus on other countries where it's a REAL problem?! He describes her as "ignorant and close minded" and "brainwashed" because she didn't talk about any other country but the US.
I *still* think Trump is a racist, sexist fucking asshole.
I not saying the Left is perfect and haven't done things wrong or made missteps. An example: Anti-Fa scares and worries me. I understand their message- but they are going about it completely wrong. I am a Pacifist and violence/property damage isn't the answer.