Fortune's Pawn

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

Devi is a mercenary whose life goal is to be a Devastator (an elite group that serves the king of Paradox). She signs up for a year of security work on The Glorious Foul because she'll get credit for 5 years and serve 1. However, all is now what it seems.
I liked the writing and I thought the world interesting. However, I would have liked more backstory on the different species and planets (why don't Paradoxians like the Terrans and vice versa for example). I liked Devi, but had trouble connecting with her. I found this was very easy to pick up and put back down. I wasn't really that invested in her story. Then that fucked up ending. I disliked that

mainly because Rupert took any choice any. 'Cause he knows best.

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For Romance-opoly Outer Space Sun track.