Elements of Chemistry: Attraction

Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) - Penny Reid

Martin is rich, smart, hot, athletic, and a bully. He has everything but a loving family. Kaitlyn is smart, socially awkward, shy, a product of a loving, but overachieving family. Martin happens to be her lab partner and she overhears something that could damage him. More on that later.
She tells him what she overheard. He invites her on vacation with him and his team. She admits to really liking him and they (of course) have great chemistry. Kaitlyn is *different* from all the other girls. This ends of a cliffhanger. Both Kaitlyn and Martin are likable and I enjoyed the writing style/banter. I probably would read more of their story, but the ebook is too overpriced (4.99) for the length and I didn't enjoy this *that* much to fork out that.
And on to my problem and it's NOT resolved in any satisfactorily way.

Kaitlyn overhears a guy and gal talking about drugging and raping Martin to blackmail him. Bonus points if a pregnancy occurs. The guy was bragging about drugging girls and then having sex with them. Kaitlyn hears him OPENLY admitting to drugging and rape. It turns out the guy is Ben, one of Martin's teammates. The gal is nameless. Does anything happen to Ben? Nope. Actually this quote sums it up perfectly: "Because he's strong and we, the boat, need him to win." Lovely, right? Good to know winning trumps everything else. Priorities bitch. 

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