No One Knows

No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

Husband disappears (Josh), Aubrey is arrested and ultimately released for lack of evidence. Fast forward 5 years, Aubrey's mother in law (Daisy) is moving to have Josh declared dead. He also has a 5 million life insurance policy.
Lots of going back and forth between present and past. Lots of narratives (Josh, Daisy, Chase, and the main one- Aubrey). Aubrey's got the tragic backstory (orphaned, foster care kid, poor). She lacked a backbone and continued to tolerate toxic people- her (foster) brother Tyler and MIL Daisy. Daisy hated Aubrey (and for no good reason except she didn't like Aubrey's mom when she was alive). Daisy was the stereotypical MIL, but dialed up to 100 (was that really necessary?). The whole "poor me" got on my nerves.
And just as I thought I know everything there was THAT TWIST. Really?! And then the epilogue. Geez Louise. I still have questions that really weren't answered (what was Megan's deal?)
(I thought this would fit a category for Romance-opoly, but sadly it doesn't).