Caine's Reckoning

Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty

I will put up with a bad book if it's for a challenge and I didn't know what else to read for the category.  

Caine is a Texas Ranger and a member of Hell's Eight.  Desi is the woman he rescues and marries.  Desi was repeatedly a victim of trauma and sexual assault.  Does she get time and space to work out her trauma?  Yeah, nope.  This has the trope of the magic penis that heals.  Don't like to be touched?  Well, let's get it on!  It's not romantic, it's abusive.

Then there was the bad guys.  That's it really?  It was too easy.  And it's not helped that there was still the mystery sadistic evil guy that had no name that didn't get his.  He is still free.  And the whole issue of the who/why of Desi and her twin sister Ari (who is not in this book and is alive/dead (who knows!) and suffered/is suffering the same fate that Desi did) kidnapping.  For the length of the book, it left a lot of unanswered questions.  But you know what?  I don't really care and would very much like to burn this trash.  I won't be reading any more of this series.

It's sad that the best thing about this book was Boone, the loyal dog, and Cantankerous, a randy rooster. 

I read this for the Romance-opoly Passion Place sun track square