Undercover - Lauren Dane

Sera is an unranked woman who worked her way up to lieutenant in the Federation Corps. 10 years ago, she was in love with Ash. She chose to leave after Ash got married. Ash had tried to make her his mistress. She is the one who got away (and vice versa). Ash is now divorced and the leader of a undercover unit with Brandt. He selects Sera based on her talent with languages. Someone (or someones) in the Families are selling secrets to the Imperialists.
Both Ash and Brandt are sons of powerful Families. I thought the world was interesting. There was some world-building and would have liked more. There's multiple different planets, Families that are the leaders. It's all inherited, you can't work your way into a leadership position. Families look down on the unranked. It's all very patriarchal too. For this being the future, women were not in places of power- they were wives and mistresses. A guy could have a wife and an official mistress (or more); and it was all okay. In terms of the ranking, it was very old-fashioned.
Overall, I did enjoy the story and the sex scenes were well written (a few less and more world building would have been nice). Sera, Ash, and Brandt were all likable. I loved how Ash and Brandt respected Sera for who she was. It was refreshing that they weren't jealous of the other when it came to being with Sera. The lack of general ass-holeyness was nice too.
This is part of a series, but should stand on it's own. The baddies are found out.
I read this for Romance-opoly Passion Place moon track